Hogue stock for ruger m77 hawkeye

Posted: skoldyasha Date: 23.05.2017
hogue stock for ruger m77 hawkeye

View unanswered posts View active topics. Users browsing this forum: StonewallRuger and 6 guests. It is currently Wed Jun 21, 3: Sat May 23, 7: Does anybody have any opinions or comments about the Hogue overmolded rifle stocks as used on the 77 Hawkeyes? Are they conductive to good accuracy? How well do they hold up? If they become damaged cut as opposed to scratched? I think I'd rather have a laminated stock, but I see lots of rifles with the Hogue stocks for sale.

Sat May 23, 8: Generally speaking the texture of the stocks is a love or hate thing. Personally, I dislike the rubber texture. A friend had one on a Remington rifle and it "stuck" to your clothes constantly. It's not actually sticky, but definitely drags on clothing.

The fit and finish on the models I have seen has been poor - butt pad looks like it was fitted by a 5 yr old, barrel channel is wavy, freefloated barrel wasn't.

Durability wise it does seem like a very durable material and should hold up throught a lot of rough use - not sure about repairs. Accuracy wise, it shouldn't be any better or worse than a standard injection molded plastic stock as the backbone of the stock is an injection molded plastic. As far as I know, none of the stocks offered as "factory" for the Rugers were aluminum bedding block models.

I had a Hogue Overmolded stock on my 77 MK II, Mag.

I used this rifle while still hunting and sitting for long periods of time on a stand while Elk hunting. I found it to be great at absorbing recoil and the rifle felt solid and sure in the shooting position.

I agree that it does tend to be "snaggy" because of it's rubber texture. This may be an issue if you had to come to the ready in a hurry. I could see where it may hang up on hunting clothes and such.

As far as accuracy goes, it was better than the original Walnut for maintaining zero, particularily with big weather changes, rain,etc. I don't own that rifle anymore, but did get an NRA Mini 14, which has that stock. I haven't used it in the field to be able to tell if there is going to be an issue with it or not.

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Bottom line, I like them from my experience. I am a big Hogue fan and have approx 15 sets, for pistols and rifles. They are definately not a "pretty" stock. But, for grip and weight, you can't beat them. Mon May 25, I'm running one on my.

hogue stock for ruger m77 hawkeye

Tamed the recoil down, and the fit and finish is great. The recoil pad fits perfectly, and the coating is pretty thick. So it isnt going to scratch like Browning's Duracoat stock. Wed Nov 24, 9: Any problems with barrel fit on your. How about the camo patterns - who has what and which do they like best?

Sun Dec 12, 8: Installed one on my Mini Was as drop in fit. When it was new it was a bit grabby but not now.

Length of pull was perfect and it looks so much better than the factory birch stock. Mon Dec 13, 3: Sure you can slide a card under the barrel but as soon as the gun is rested on a bi-pod or bench rest, the stock bends and rests on the barrel.

I'm thinking of upgrading to the full aluminum skeleton version but I'm not sure. It's a dirt collector too.


I got my hands pretty dusty helping out at the range one day and when I packed up the gun, I discovered how hard it is to clean the stock. Otherwise, a terrific stock for absorbing recoil and fits me very well. Mon Dec 13, 5: Page 1 of 1.

hogue stock for ruger m77 hawkeye

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